About Us

Our Story:

It all started with a pug.

One year for Christmas I needed some gift ideas for my family, I had just learned to crochet about a few months ago and I thought to myself "I wonder if I could make everyone little pugs!" And the more I thought about it, the more the pattern came to me. I told the idea to my sister and she thought it was great and told me she could make keychains to add to them! This was about 3 weeks before Christmas and I needed 6 of them, and I was slow at crocheting at the time. I would spend everyday crocheting including times when I would be at dance class and I would have a break, I would get back to crocheting and while I was sitting there people would keep telling me how cute they are and how they wanted one! It was so exciting that I decided to make even more pugs to give out to some friends! It was such a fun experience! About a year later my sister wanted to open an Etsy shop for her resin charms that she made and she wanted to know if I wanted to make my pugs for the shop, I totally agreed and went back to my old pattern book and started making adjustments to make these pugs even better than my last batch. It took about 3 tries to get the pug just perfect, but when I did it was amazing looking! I was so in love with it and I wanted to keep it all to my self! We set up the Etsy Shop and two years later here we are! I now make all sorts of animals in many different sizes and I even make custom animals to perfectly match your animal! This shop wasn't easy, but you guys are the ones who brought it to life. You made us who we are today and for that, thank you.

Our Inspiration:

The best feeling in the world is when someone looks at my animals and smiles. That's special because I know I have made something so special that it makes you smile. That's what I inspire to do everyday, to make people happy!

Our Mission:

To keep bringing happiness one stitch at a time!


Team Members:

Sarah Lacroix

Amigurumi Artist

Hi there! I'm Sarah, I'm the one who makes all of the animals! I started crocheting back in 2016 when I took a class at michaels and I loved making different items!


Courtney Lacroix

Scrunchie Maker